A lot of people are interested in this destination because of its reputation as a hotspot and they are intrigued by the prospect of dating Pattaya ladyboys. While that’s a distinct possibility, there are also other options. One we would heartily recommend is seeing a transgender cabaret show in the city.

Ladyboys are everywhere in Pattaya – in beauty salons, shops, banks, restaurants, travel agencies, and more. They are on the street. They are also in cabarets. We’ll talk about the three best cabarets in this article.


Alcazar is the top trans cabaret by far. This is a large theater featuring the most beautiful dance shows. The performers are undeniably gorgeous and well-versed in dance styles from across the globe: Indian, Korean, Egyptian, Japanese, Chinese, western and, of course, Thai. The lighting, costumes, sound, and sets are amazing. The performances are family-friendly too.

The Coliseum

The Coliseum is one of the city’s most recent transgender cabaret shows – it opened about six or seven years ago. It is near the city center. You can get there by taxi or bus. The magnificent, brand new building expectedly mimics the Coliseum in Rome. Both the exterior and interior are majestic, with a breathtaking lobby and marble staircases. What is more, there are ladyboy shows three times a night. Amazing costumes, good music, and great choreography – practically everything you’d expect from a major show.


Tiffany’s is housed in a superb building with beautiful dancing, but no singing live. Don’t miss this show if you’re in Pattaya. At the end of the show, you can take a picture with the dancers in exchange for a fee.

Tiffany’s, Alcazar, and the Coliseum are the three biggest cabarets in the city, housed in large, spacious buildings. However, they are far from the only ones. There are many intimate, small venues as well. While ladyboy cabaret isn’t for everyone, it’s definitely something to remember.

We mentioned ladyboy dating at the beginning. On that note, you can meet local and foreign ladyboys at cabarets. Trans people from all over the world come here to watch the shows, which are interesting to many non-trans people as well. There are locals not only onstage but also in the audience, perhaps right in the front row!