The good news is that it’s not hard to hook up in Los Angeles at all, as long as you know where to look. The bad part? You have to do all that “make an effort and talk to people” part yourself. We’ll help you by telling you about the hottest spots in town, where people go when they want to find a match. 

Club Tee Gee in Atwater Village

This is a cozy, fully renovated dive bar, which you could never tell was more than 70 years old! On each side of the bar, there are different moods, but positivism and energy dominate. It is one of the best singles spots in town. Recently, the team behind the venue secured the area by the bar, converting it into a hot dance floor.

The Blind Barber in Highland Park

This venue is located behind a barbershop, hence the name. The entrance to the speakeasy is through the shop’s back door. You will be part of a swanky ambiance with great music to dance (and invite people to dance) to. Once you’ve had a little dance with the girl you’ve been eyeing, have a seat in one of the booths to get to know each other better.

Dirty Laundry, Hollywood

Once called the sexiest bar in the City of Angels, Dirty Laundry is a prohibition-themed, underground venue with some of the finest whiskeys in town. It has always been one of the best singles bars in LA. If you’re looking for something interesting to sip on, there is no shortage of infused spirits garnished with house extras. Enjoy throwback or current tunes depending on the night of the week; there is always something to grind to. The clandestine Valentino room features plush seats and a private bar for those looking for alone time, away from the bustling dance floor.

Unconventional Hookups

Bars and clubs aren’t the only places you could go to hook up. Do you own a dog or know someone who does? You might not believe it, but walking around with a cute one is a great way to meet single girls if your area has a good concentration of them (ex. Atwater, Silverlake, downtown LA). Dogs make the best ice-breakers.


Joining a sports club or team is another option. There are many young singles in the volleyball classes offered by Santa Monica College. Karate, kickboxing, and Krav Maga are some unconventional options. There are a lot more women than men in yoga classes and group hikes. You could sign up for Meetup’s hiking group in Los Angeles.